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{{implementation|ALGOL 68}} {{wikipedia|ELLA}} {{stub}} '''ELLA''' is a hardware design language from [[wp:Defence_Research_Agency|DRA Malvern]]. Implemented in [[ALGOL 68RS]] - "ELLA 2000: A Language for Electronic System Design", J.D. Morison and A.S. Clarke, McGraw-Hill 1993.

algol68toc is derived from a project to translate ELLA into [[C]], hence ''ELLA ALGOL 68'' is a cut down verion of [[ALGOL 68RS]] where elements not required for the ELLA translation were not ported. ==Sample== Notes: ELLA Algol68 (in the form on Algol68toC) is missing the formatted transput (input/output), hence the following code sample uses ''print'' and not ''printf''. It also requires ALGOL 68 RS's PROGRAM, USE and FINISH formalities.

USE standard    
  print(("Hello, world!", new line))      

==See Also==

  • Ports of the ELLA A68ToC compiler:

Download for [http://www.poenikatu.co.uk/src/algol68toc_1.19_i386.deb debian] - version 1.19

Download for [https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=114223&package_id=301885&release_id=645539# Fedora 9] (SourceForge) - version 1.8.8d.

The SourceForge download includes the PDFs of two books: #Programming Algol 68 Made Easy - by Sian Mountbatten - 610 pages (also in the algol68toc package). #The RS Compiler for ALGOL 68 - Published 1978 - Defence Research Agency, Malvern, UK - 86 pages.