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'''Rosetta Code has a presence on IRC.'''

Point your favorite IRC client to irc.freenode.net, and join #rosettacode. Mind you, there may not be anyone active. But if you stick around long enough, someone will respond.

==IRC clients== You'll need to use an IRC client to connect to the IRC server.

Web Browser

You can visit Rosetta Code's IRC channel via your web browser on the [[Special:WebChat]] page.


  • [http://www.xchat.org/ XChat] should come with your distribution


  • [http://www.irssi.org/ irssi]


  • [http://www.mirc.com/get.html mIRC] is a popular Windows IRC client.
  • Another choice is [http://silverex.info SilverEx XChat], a free windows build of XChat.

Windows and Linux

  • [http://www.pidgin.im/ Pidgin/Finch] works with other chat protocols as well as IRC.


  • [http://colloquy.info/ Colloquy]

==Logging== Logging is stalled and has been for some time. Anyone who feels like making a logging bot should talk to people (especially Short Circuit) in the IRC channel. A complete listing of logs of the channel are available on request.


We have some evaluator bots for the languages on Rosetta Code. Here's how to invoke each one in the channel:

{| ! Language !! Prefix !! Bot |- | [[E]] || “eel: ” || eel |- | [[Haskell]] || “> ” || lambdabot |}