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[http://rosettacode.org/planet/ Planet Rosetta Code] is simply the aggregation of various blogs of members of the Rosetta Code community, with a content loosely focused on programming and/or Rosetta Code and similar concepts.

If you're wondering if your blog should be part of the Rosetta Code planet, there are two simple questions you can ask:

Do I blog my own perspective on programming?

Do I blog my own perspective on Rosetta Code or similar concepts?

If you can answer yes to either of these, then your blog (or, at least, part of it) should be part of the planet. Leave a note in your user page with the RSS or Atom feed URL, for the content you'd like to see on the Planet.

==Tagging== If you're like most people with blogs, you don't just blog about one topic. If your blogging platform supports tagging, and you have a way to get a tag-specific feed, that would be ideal. Many popular blogging platforms have intrinsic support for tagging. Here are a few, and how you can get tag-specific feeds for them.


'''username:''' mmol-6453
'''type:''' Atom
'''tag:''' rosettacode


'''username:''' kpreid
'''type:''' RSS
'''tag:''' programming



'''Blogspot address component:''' michael-mol
'''type:''' Atom
'''tag:''' rosettacode