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{{implementation|ALGOL 68}}{{stub}} === 2000: Interpretor / Linux&DOS / Rutgers University ===

Not all the exotic features are implemented. In particular there are no semaphores, formats and parallel-clauses.

  • Licence => http://www.renyi.hu/~csirmaz/algol-68/linux/readme - noncommercial
  • Tar ball => http://www.renyi.hu/~csirmaz/algol-68
  • Laci Csirmaz, DIMACS at Rutgers, 1990; CEU, Hungary, 2000

Lexical style

Rutgers ALGOL 68 is case-sensitive and uses quote-stropping. The standard bold-words are in lower case, e.g.:

    print( ( "Hello, World!", newline ) )