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Since this is a heavily [[OS]]-specific task, I suggest it should be split into subtasks for each of the operating systems listed under [[OS]]. BTW, why [[POSIX]] is not under [[OS]]? It should be a subcategory "OS interfaces" or alike there, I guess. --[[User:Dmitry-kazakov|Dmitry-kazakov]] 17:56, 6 March 2009 (UTC) : I've picked this task from the Request a task page and honestly have not thought too deeply about availability for all systems or languages (e.g. ... Perl on "POSIX" systems maybe can access the same dl* functions as C, but it can also try to load a module instead... which is not a shared library in a broad sense, but to Perl-POV could be more reasonable than the concept of (system specific) shared library)... --[[User:ShinTakezou|ShinTakezou]] 18:17, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

: I think tasks should stay general, and we shouldn't contribute to the fragmentation of the os'es and languages. --[[User:tinku99|tinku99]]