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==Not implemented==

These are currently not implemented in [[:Category:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]. Please [[Rosetta Code:Solve a Task|implement some if you can]]. If any tasks are not possible or too complex in {{{1}}}, they should not be on this list. To mark a task as such, add '''[[Template:omit from|{{omit from|{{{1}}}}}]]''', preserving the capitalization of the language, to that task. It will appear below under the "Not Considered" section.

{{#ask: [[Category:Programming Tasks]][[Implemented in language::!{{{1}}}]] [[Omitted from language::!{{{1}}}]] |format=ul |columns=3}}

Draft tasks without implementation

These tasks as drafts, meaning they largely need more work to turn them into full tasks. Perhaps you can help by trying to implement them in {{{1}}} (after all, one of the key requirements for a task being non-draft is multiple implementations, preferably in widely different languages) but be aware that this may be difficult because of lack of definition of the task itself.

{{#ask: [[Category:Draft Programming Tasks]][[Implemented in language::!{{{1}}}]] [[Omitted from language::!{{{1}}}]] |format=ul |columns=3}} {{template}}