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{{draft task|Games}}

;Task Create a playable [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetris Tetris] game.


  • a left / right key
  • a hard drop key (the current piece will be dropped and locked at once)
  • a rotation key
  • a preview piece
  • full set of 7 kinds of shapes (ITOSZJL)

Applesoft BASIC

See [[Tetris/Applesoft BASIC]].


See [[Tetris/BASH]].

Ansi94 Forth

See [[Tetris/Ansi94 Forth]].


See [[Tetris/Java]].


See [[Tetris/JavaScript]].


See [[Tetris/Julia]].


See [[Tetris/Mathematica]].

Microsoft Small Basic

See [[Tetris/Microsoft_Small_Basic|Tetris/Microsoft Small Basic]].